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Commercial restaurants

Frequency of Kitchen Fires

Half of all fires in restaurants occur in the kitchen which can explode into the exhaust system making it extremely important to keep your kitchen exhaust system clean. We specialize in cleaning both local and franchise restaurants.

Safer and More Efficient

A clean kitchen exhaust system that is safely working leads to a working environment that is cleaner, more efficient and more productive for the staff. We take special care to ensure the safety of your customers, your employees and your business.

Complying with Fire Code

With the BARE METAL STANDARD of clean, we guarantee you will pass all fire codes and safety inspections with our regular exhaust cleanings. If your business does not meet code, your business can be suspended or shut down. Our technicians make it easy to follow the cleaning schedule that is required for your restaurant eliminating the hassle of trying to keep track of regular kitchen exhaust cleanings.

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