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kitchen exhaust cleaning

Chefs in Action

At BARE METAL STANDARD, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by

guaranteeing we clean every part of your kitchen exhaust system to ensure

your peace of mind. With our proprietary BARE METAL STANDARD cleaning

process, we clean everything from inside filters to the exhaust on the roof. This

results in extremely satisfied customers. We guarantee you will pass kitchen

exhaust system safety inspections with flying colors.

We Clean Around Corners and 90
Degree Angles

Our experienced and professional technicians are dedicated to providing the

best kitchen exhaust cleaning possible. With our propriety system, we can reach

the most stubborn areas of your exhaust system with the ability to clean around corners and 90 degree angles. Because we have this technology, we can reach areas that our competitors can’t reach, guaranteeing you a deeper and safer clean for your kitchen exhaust system.

We help prevent commercial kitchen fires

A small spark can ignite hazardous grease buildup and residue that coats your kitchen ducts all the way to the exhaust on the rooftop. The best way to prevent kitchen fires from happening is to have your system cleaned regularly and frequently with our proprietary system. Our technicians will ensure all of the grease residue will be cleaned from your exhaust system to eliminate any potential fires. Passing inspections, the safety of your customers, the safety of your employees and the safety of your building relies on keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean. 

We Use A Camera To Prove Our Quality

After we are done cleaning your kitchen exhaust system, we take extra care by routing a camera through your entire system – from ceiling air vents to stove vent hoods. This ensures every area of your system has been thoroughly cleaned to the highest possible standard, the BARE METAL STANDARD.

Ask Us For A Free Inspection Anytime

Beware of unethical providers who may only make you appear clean. BARE METAL STANDARD cleans where competitors can’t reach. We proudly serve Tulsa and Green Country, OK – call us for a free inspection anytime. We’ll take photos so you can decide for yourself. If you’re not BARE METAL STANDARD clean, we’ll make it right and guarantee our work.

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